Stranger Waits For Bus With Shivering Girl. Days Later, The Teen Appears On Her Doorstep.

Not really knowing what to do next, she did the only thing that made sense at the time. Find a bus stop and wait, wearing only a tank top. Standing there, shivering, Felicia, a mom who lives in the neighborhood, noticed the underdressed girl asking a stranger for directions. Felicia who was just leaving a restaurant with her boyfriend walked over, introduced herself and took the coat off her back to give it to Kinley. She and her partner also waited for the bus to arrive alongside the stranded girl.

Thankful for her guardian angel, Kinley went online telling social media of the kind stranger who swooped in out of nowhere, until local news station NBC12 picked up her story and decided to help Kinley repay Felicia for her random act of kindness.

Click below to watch this mindful interaction of a kind mother’s grace and willingness to help.

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