Dad Starts Playing Guitar, Then Daughter Sings Chilling Cover That’s Giving Everyone Goosebumps

Together they performed at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. As Dave is playing, Violet starts to sing the first verse, and right away the audience cheers. This causes a smile to appear on both father and daughter. The girl’s a smile of excitement, and the father’s a smile of pure pride.

Her voice is beautiful, and you can hear her confidence grow throughout the performance. When she sang a high note in the chorus the second time around, the crowd screamed and cheered loudly, and her smile became a little bigger.

I had goosebumps throughout the entire, emotion-filled, and gorgeous performance.

When Violet ends the song, the crowd is on their feet, and her dad sports a proud smile saying “I can’t believe how great she is.” Violet wears a huge grin as they cheer for her.

People in the comments agree with us that Violet’s performance was breathtaking! One comment said, “Beyond beautiful… what a voice.” And another said, “I’m not the only one with tears in my eyes, right?”

To answer her question, no you are not.

If you’d like to watch Violet sing her heart out, just watch the video down below!

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