Doctor Sings To Sick Kids. Suddenly Sees Girl Following Him As Cameras Capture Her Dance!

Dr. Martins isn’t the only star in the footage; he’s accompanied by a little patient named Sophie. The man was walking from room to room, strumming the instrument and serenading the children when Sophie took a special liking to this doctor. She was patiently waiting for him down the hallway, and when he was done singing and playing, she insisted that he keep going. So, he did!

The 17-month-old girl is struggling with an immune system disorder and has been subject to very aggressive treatments. The diagnosis and the treatments have both taken a huge toll on her. So, a moment like the one below is something that she always needs.

Sophie is a fan of Dr. Martins, and the way she’s moving to the music and enjoying his voice is proof that she can use this method of healing a little more often. She’s adorable, and Dr. Martins is a hero for bringing this kind of entertainment to the kids when they need it the most.

Click on the link below and watch Sophie dance to the beat of the music!

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