Doctor Has Delivered Over 3,000 Babies. He Gives Same Sweet Welcome To Each One Every Time!

The Nigerian doctor has delivered over 3,000 babies during his 30 years as an OB and sings a song to each one of them upon their arrival. Either “Happy Birthday” or “What a Wonderful World,” Dr. Jaja says the habit was formed when he first started doing his residency at Pittsburgh’s Allegheny General. At the time, he was working with a physician who sang “Happy Birthday” to his babies, and the young doctor liked it so much, he would join the older doctor, and both would belt out the tune.

It was when the older doctor was retiring, he asked Dr. Jaja to carry on the tradition, passing him the torch – and he hasn’t looked back. He loves singing to them because, “Expressing myself in that way, having brought a little bit of joy, it all comes around,” he says. “…When I’m singing to those babies, I think that I’m singing to a future important person. That’s the credit I give to all of them.”

Dr. Jaja’s singing is always well-received by the patients as well as the nurses who work with him. It’s such a beautiful way to welcome a new soul! It’s also so heartwarming to take a moment to consider what’s happening in front of you, according to Dr. Jaja. He says, “You forget about all crisis going on everywhere, for a moment, when you see that miracle of life in front of you.”

Click below to catch the singing doctor in action!

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