Tyra “Can’t Breathe” After A Death-Defying Act. She Storms Judge’s Table, And Goes For Gold!

The lights dim, and intense, serious music comes on. Some dancers drop down to take their position, while others are hooded and standing, holding torches of fire. The aerial dance group is on, and they start to showcase their talent immediately – a small girl is lifted by her arms, then hoisted in midair secured by her one foot in the hand of her base below her.

And that’s only the beginning! The whole act becomes more hair-raising and death-defying as more acrobatics and incredible lifts happen. The whole shebang is just an unbelievable production of manpower and logistics. Some of these lifts and twirls are so intense that they’ve been slowed down in the video to show them clearly and in slow-motion — in case you missed the intensity, of course!

Once they’re done, Tyra is having trouble recovering. The host is left breathless by this act, and it’s pretty clear to see why.

The judges are just about to deliver their verdict when the celebrity host stops them in their tracks! She is so unbelievably mystified, she doesn’t give the judges a chance to judge, and instead, does the judging herself – by barreling down to the judge’s table and slamming the golden buzzer.

Click to below to see this act because it needs to be seen to be believed!

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