Young Dancer Starts Unique Performance. Seconds Later, His Body Moves Like An Elastic Band.

Shameer Rayes is 19-years-old, and he’s come to “Britain’s Got Talent” to woo the judges with dance moves they’ve never seen before. Ladies and gentlemen, this kid’s got it.

The young man steps on stage as the judges ask him questions about himself. Sham mentions his mom, who was once a professional dancer, and how she’s been an inspiration for him throughout his childhood and as a dancer. They have a few good laughs, but then it’s time for Sham to show ‘em his moves.

He wastes no time jumping into his role and performing his wildly original routine. A mixture of all sorts of breakdancing moves, his style is elastic and seamless. Each transition to the next position is so smooth, he makes it look easy, and I am positive this cannot be so seamless. Just look at his feet and the way he bends and moves! Way to go Sham!

Click below to watch this kid bring something extraordinary to the stage.

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