Young Girl Steps On Stage To Sing. Her Different Voice Instantly Wins Audience And Judges Over.

On an episode of “Ukraine’s Got Talent,” a young, blonde girl in pigtails, and wearing a frock and clogs, appears onstage before quizzical judges. She starts to do a little jig to high energy, country-sounding music, bopping and swaying from side to side before putting the microphone to her lips.

The young girl starts to sing, not wasting any time to impress the judges. Her eyes are wide and she exudes confidence as she breaks into song. She’s making headway, her sound happy and fun, when she pulls out a skill that leaves everyone pleasantly confused – there wasn’t a soul in the room who saw this coming! After the first verse, she hints at her yodelling capabilities. She hasn’t fully gone into it (yet!) but it’s a sneak peek at what’s to come.

She carries on the second verse flawlessly, too. The judges and audience are dancing along with her – they can’t help it, she’s got so much charisma on stage. Just look at her facial expressions and how she moves her arms. She clearly cares about her craft and is passionate about it. And then at about the halfway mark, the girl lets loose! She is full on yodeling and the judges are loving it because she’s really good and doesn’t hold back. Her talent is undeniable as her voice shifts between notes, her vocal register changing up and down.

The crowd is clapping in beat and cheering, while the judge’s table is all smiles. But then for her grand finale, she speeds it up, going really fast and then literally finishes on a high note. Mom is on the side of the stage looking very proud of her yodeling daughter. How does this girl do it?

Click below to see it for yourself! And when you get a second, see if you can yodel! It’s pretty hard (I tried!).

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