Dad Chooses Sultry Rendition Of Favorite Classic, And It Has Everyone Jumping Out Of The Seats!

On the stage, he shares a bit of his backstory with the judges. He said that he’s been doing music since he was 17-years-old and attempted to get deals and recording contracts, but that it was difficult getting into the industry. During his interview, he confesses that on the outside he seems laid back, but if you would take a look inside, you might just find “elephants stampeding everywhere.”

As Aleksandar walks out in front of the judges, there is no hiding the fact that this man is good-looking and the audience members seem to agree, as you can hear them whistling for him.

Then, the 23-year-old gives everyone another reason to cheer — his voice. The White Stripe’s classic “Seven Nation Army,” begins playing but with a unique swinging spin. If you know this tune well, you know that the song starts with the guitar. However, in this performance, the tune starts and the first notes are played by a bass— the one played in jazz bands, not the one that looks like a guitar.

He begins with “I’m gonna fight them all,” and the audience loses it almost immediately. As he belts out, “Seven nation army couldn’t hold me back,” he sings it with a smile on his face as he looks around at the crowd.

The judges, including Simon, who as we all know is just about one of the strictest judges out there, all smile.

The audience starts to clap to the beat of the song, and it brings another smile to Aleksander’s face. He seems incredibly relaxed on stage.

He grabs onto the microphone with a grin, as he speeds up a little more and sings a high note. I’m not kidding when I say the crowd gets even louder! In the end, the judges and the crowd are on their feet!

If you’d like to watch Aleksandar’s incredible and “sultry” performance, watch the video down below!

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